Our Vision

B2B aims to position itself as a the “Real Estate Investment House” B2B’s vision is to become Egypt’s premier Real Estate Partner catering to the diverse needs of local and international real estate investors, developers and real estate funds.

B2B boasts a culture of excellence, founded on a team of dedicated individuals brought together under a partnership structure.

Drawing on its team’s real estate experience, market knowledge and proprietary research. B2B seeks to become the Real Estate Benchmark for local and international investors.

Our Mission

Our extensive and deep market know how qualifies us to be a real estate index to the market.Committed to assisting clients in realizing their long term growth strategies, both in local and international real estate investments.

B2B provides world-class services catering to clients’ individual needs; be it in brokerage, commercial and residential projects selling, or market research and property appraisals. B2B’s outsourced services aim to reduce corporate clients’ overhead costs while increasing their return on our services.

Our Value Add

  • Local Enterprise
  • Maximum Coverage
  • One Stop Full Service
  • Trusted Brand Name
  • Multi-Industrial Experience
  • Client Service Driven
  • Managment Proven Track

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