The Middle East Observer: Egypt has a blooming real estate market that is hungry for growth

The Middle East Observer, had the pleasure of interviewing #Nehad_Adel, President of #B2B , Business to Business for investment and Real Estate marketing

B2B is a real estate investment and marketing hub, all our activities are real estate related, we mainly focus on #residential and #commercial types. The residential under its umbrella we operate for #primary and #resale, while the commercial, we operate for #medical#retail and #offices

Our key clients,fall within the A class, A+, and B+ class; they represent 15% of our clients.
Expats as well are key clients, specially after the devaluation, the Egyptian market became an attractive market for clients who gets payed in foreign currencies

For sure #RealEstate is the ideal type of investment in Egypt as clients are still eager to buy and invest in ReaI Estate as ir gives the #highest return on investment in comparison to other sectors. Furthermore, the appreciation that took place with the real estate value actually surpasses the appreciation of bank interest

Unit prices have witnessed an increase , however, payment facilities are becoming much more flexible comparing to the past few years.

The devaluation affected the real estate sector, it caused what we can call a slow down in purchasing nevertheless, it made the Egyptian market a good opportunity for expats; and for Egyptians who are living abroad

It is expected that if the gas price will witness an increase, then real estate units will witness an increase as well, due to the price rise of the raw materials

The real estate sector is expected to witness several changes in 2019; the projects that are likely to boom will be under the umbrella of credible and big developers, who have good history and punctuality in delivery dates
Like for example #Sodic#Palm_hills#Mountain_view#TatweerMisr#Allam#Sabbour

To read the full article: https://www.meobserver.org/?p=16557


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