Covering the entire Investment and Real Estate Market through Brokerage and Value Added Services.

B2B consultants are equipped with the skills to help clients in all their businesses. Our experts' ability to view market data enables them to help customers negotiate the price or terms of the contract on their behalf. Our knowledge of the local and international market ensures that any business transaction is conducted in accordance with all regulatory standards that customers need We represent large multinational corporations, investors and owners in the acquisition and disposal of real estate

With 0% commission from the buyer / tenant; our sales consultants also help customers choose the best residential and commercial projects to buy a new home, retail, office ... etc that directly fit customer necessities B2B has the ability to access most modern residential and commercial projects in Egypt and all over the world to meet the wishes of its customers in owning new homes and commercial properties that enjoy high quality in facilities, resources, amenities and advantages at the local and international levels. This service distinguishes us from the real estate market and builds bridges of trust with our customers as we are objective and unbiased towards each other's project and our first loyalty to our clients by offering them the best options


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