il Cuore Verdy

il Cuore Verdy is enchanted by the Ancient Egyptian architecture,the ancient temples, the glory,and the civilization of our ancestors. Furhtermore, it is a project that takes the green building to the next level. They are aiming to build a role model when it comes to Green and sustainable buildings in the New Capital city. That's why they are committed to the standard of Green Sustainable buildings. In addition to this it has an amazing location where it is alongside a very strategic location of the Central Park of the financial district, and overlooking the Central Bank Square. Here they choose an unrepeatable location for our clients. Conveniently situated within walking distance of all the commercial areas; cafes, restaurants, shopping are easily accessible and few minutes from the main transportation hub. It is also a minute from The governmental district, minutes from the presidential palace, minutes from El Masa hotel and minutes from Bin Zayed Axis. Plus the working environment is mind-blowing the Innovative and smart interior design of the offices and the soothing green outdoor areas satisfy you with an exceptional work environment that promotes creativity and productivity.) instead of the current one. Regarding the facilities there will be CCTV for security and also 4 elevators. They also have a really advanced air filtration system in addtion to a solar system.


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