Three Sixty Business Park by Landmark

Three Sixty by Landmark: We planned a lively environment that would accommodate all costumer needs in one place. Our project aims to cater to our dynamic, ever changing world by creating this multi-use complex that would have everything - giving you a fullfledged experience.

Retail: A dynamic and distinctive experience catering to versatile needs. Whether you’re planning on investing in our spaces, enjoying the vast array of shops, dining in one of our exquisite restaurants or enjoying any of year round activities, the retail space is the heartbeat of the entire venture.

Offices: Planned with your business essentials in mind and built with varied space options according to your company’s size, a flawless workspace is a recipe for success.

Clinics: It is of vital importance to provide the absolute best in healthcare to our customers; a wide array of wellness centers located throughout the complex will provide customers with the healthcare they need, day and night.


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