Monorail tower

We use this straightforward phrase to summarize the magnificent design of Monorail Tower at the New Administrative Capital. Our mixed-use tower will be sufficiently equivalent to your net expectation whether you look for commercial, administrative, medical units or hotel apartments. 

The Monorail Tower comprises 26 floors with 4 parking basements, roof, pool and clubhouse. 

- Commercial units come from the ground floor to the third floor, 5400m2 for each floor and 2500m2 as a view terrace. (Starting from 30m2) 

- Medical units come to the fourth and fifth floors, 2500m2 for each floor. (Starting from 34 m2) 

- Administrative units come from the sixth floor to the 23rd floor, 1800m2 for each floor. (Starting from 34m2) 

- Hotel apartments come from the 24th to the 25th floor, 1800m2 for each floor. (Starting from 60m2) 


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