Cairo Business Park

CAIRO BUSINESS PARK offers standalone offices set within a fully-integrated business compound. Inspired by similar projects in the UK and Turkey, the project supports the presence of medium to large enterprises that are in need of their own unique identity, whilst also benefiting from being set within a professional environment that facilitates growth and streamlines day-to-day business. With various building locations, sizes and designs, CAIRO BUSINESS PARK offers a number of options that are tailored to this particular market segment. When creating the concept of CAIRO BUSINESS PARK, every single detail and aspect of running a medium/large entity was taken into consideration in order to provide an unprecedented final product. All the services that might be needed to support the daily operations of CAIRO BUSINESS PARK?s occupants are located within the compound. This includes several services that enable employees to work more efficiently and create a better work/life balance. CAIRO BUSINESS PARK offers 40 buildings in nine unique models that vary in height from three to six stories, each with its own parking access from its lobby basement.


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